Erik Siador

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Erik Siador was born in Urdinita, Philippines and raised in Stockton, California. Siador was cultured in San Francisco and noticed by the art scene of Los Angeles, Erik Siador has grown to be a refined artist through his experiences in all these places. Along with his career as an exhibiting gallery artist, Erik works on numerous freelance illustration projects and also works as a visual merchandiser for Nike with no room to spare for much else in his daily life. Recently married to his beautiful wife Andrea, he has gained a brand new way of seeing the world through its true energy and soul. Adding this intense way of looking at the world through the heart, his paintings have become more powerful with soul, light and energy. His work feels as if it’s a living and breathing entity. Whether it’s organic, or mechanical beings and, or environments, his work embeds the depth of his soul, cryptically with spectacular line work.


Erik Siador depicts the women and creatures in his work through royalty and regality seen in an entirely different realm from our own which is part of a secretly embedded story that will come together as his career continues throughout the years. Trying to stay away from the “urban artist” label which most become stereotypically stamped with in this scene, Erik infuses his love and knowledge for illustration and the sci-fi genre into his artwork with the thought and knowledge of his surroundings amongst this “Juxtapoz” driven community.


Erik Siador lives his life as an artist with the personal motto for shedding light onto others: “There are those who create what we see, I create what we don’t”.