Artist Driven Apparel

Soul Driven consists of a network of artists coming together in support of a collective goal towards the freedom of expression through fashion and art. Together we deliver you from monotonous trends and mainstream fashion propaganda shoved in your face by elitist corporations for mass profit. Soul Driven is a choice. Together we choose to wear clothing with a soul as deep as the artists who create them. Having grown up hip-hop and gone Hollywood we develeped a machine gun funk type of fashion, a mixture of graffiti art 2.0 and fine art class act 3D. Be advised that we are mixing business with pleasure, our essence is the soul we have to materialize our visions, and the driven is the delivery of gems to adorn the temple that’s your body. Soul driven clothing, thank you for all the love and support. Don’t forget to create, think, dream, and love.


– In our soul we trust.

Steven Lopez

Los Angeles, California
Lopez seeks to discover the possibilities of utilizing wildlife as a stage for human interpretation. His works ask viewers to consider the collaborative potential inherent in creating hybrid species, focusing particular attention on the female form.

Dave MacDowell

Los Angeles, California
Dave’s Work deftly combines satire, irreverence, and seething wit. A self-taught artist, MacDowell combines cultural references with the Magnetism of the “dark hook”, creating unexpected plays on pop that inject the familiar with blistering hyperboles.

Johnny Crap

Montreal, Canada
Propelled by an evolving style, Jonathan Bergeron’s early success began with his painted documentations of the personified calavera, a skull-shaped character common in the Mexican celebration of Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos).

Erik Siador

San Francisco, California
Erik Siador is a San Francisco based artist; a creative engineer from Stockton, CA. His work feels as if it’s a living and breathing entity. Whether it’s organic, or mechanical beings and, or environments, his work embeds the depth of his soul, cryptically with spectacular line work.

Rei Alvarez

Austin, Texas
I have always been very creative, drawing, skateboarding, surfing, painting, taking pictures… I was born in 1974 in Irun, north Spain. As a child I went to school in south France, and then moved to the US in 92, where I got an associate degree in Marketing.

Armando Soria

Los Angeles, California
From San Fernando, California, Armando Soria was born into a big creative family who shared a great passion for art. At an early age he was introduced, influenced, and mentored by his older cousins who were knee deep into the 90’s graffiti movement.