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Decentralized inspired designs.

Hip Hop is Dead

New Tee by Artist Armando Soria

Native Measure

New Tank by Artist Steven Lopez

Breaking Graff

New Tank by Artist Rei Alvarez

One-Eyed Man

New Tee by Artist Armando Soria

Artist Driven Apparel

Soul Driven consists of a network of artists coming together in support of a collective goal towards the freedom of expression through fashion and art. Together we deliver you from monotonous trends and mainstream fashion propaganda shoved in your face by elitist corporations for mass profit. Soul Driven is a choice. Together we choose to wear clothing with a soul as deep as the artists who create them.

– In our soul we trust.

Established in San Fernando, CA, in 2007, Soul Driven was created by a group of artists who shared the need to experience, create and share art within their community. Humbled by the creative minds around us, Soul Driven quickly grew into an Art Collective, traveling, sharing and experiencing art with like-minded thinkers throughout southern California.

Where Art Meets Soul

Similar to the original Renaissance in Italy, Soul Driven is a movement dedicated to the creation of original art: Art that questions society, raises awareness of conceptual thinking, spreads knowledge through debate, and influences social and philosophical development through the freedom of expression. The spirit of humanism lives within us as a means to break away from the darker ages.

The 21st Century Renaissance

Soul Driven designs start on paper or canvas before they’re processed digitally. Most designs are detailed replications of drawings, painting, murals, sculptures, film photography, stencils and more. We pride ourselves on practicing and mastering traditional art in a digital world. Computers are used to process or enhance our medium, not to control it. We strive to make our prints living, breathing works of art.

Traditional Values in a Digital World

Soul Driven Clothing believes manufacturing products in the USA not only helps ensure that jobs are kept in the United States, but also benefits both workers and corporations, instilling pride inour economy and our manufacturing process. We hope to raise public awareness about quality American goods and the obstacles that our companies face competing in a global economy.

Made in Los Angeles, CA

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